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This is to keep all my friends updated on what's going on with the FC&W and my other railroad adventures. The name Flagstaff, Coconino and Western came from Flagstaff, where I live, Coconino is the county, and Western is where I go to visit other clubs and railroads. I will try and update it on a regular basis.

The 2 1/2" scale D&RGW C-21 Project

December 1, 2008

Running in November..

I took some time off of the railroad to play and run some. On November 2nd I took the train to Williams, Arizona to play for the day for the national railroad historical society. Then on Thanksgiving weekend we went to Maricopa Live Steamers. On Saturday I ran the Fitchburg around the entire layout, which is alot of track for the small mogul. Had a great time and hopefully I can start working on my railroad again soon.
Maricopa Live Steamers - Phoenix,Arizona

Erin and Jon Thompson at the steaming bays

Alex and Lynnette on a train ride at Maricopa.

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