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The 2 1/2" scale D&RGW C-21 Project

May 30, 2009

This months answer...

Well here's the answer to my next project starting this fall.

The C-21

I have always wanted a D&RGW engine and have always liked the looks of the c-21. I like the mudhens as well but they would be to big to run on my railroad but the c-21 is just the right size. On top of that, I have a supplier/fellow live steamer I can trust to deliver the parts for the engine and I am excited to start this next journey within the West Coast Narrow Gauge group. Of course I have to make some sacrifices which include selling some of my current live steam stuff but it will be well worth it in the end.

Heres a little info on the real engines that worked in Colorado.

The C-21 class locomotives of the Denver Rio Grande Western were built in 1900 for the Crystal River Railroad in Central Colorado. There were 2 locomotives ordered at that time, the 101 & 102. The 2 engines were acquired by the D&RGW in 1916 and spent the rest of there life working in the Gunnison area. The 101 & 102 were renumbered 430 and 431 when they were acquired by the D&RGW. In 1924 they were renumbered 360 and 361. The 360 was scrapped in Salida in 1950 and the 361 in Pueblo in 1951.

Can't wait until I can get started in this project and will keep you updated. Start date will be most likely be after the first of the year.

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