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This is to keep all my friends updated on what's going on with the FC&W and my other railroad adventures. The name Flagstaff, Coconino and Western came from Flagstaff, where I live, Coconino is the county, and Western is where I go to visit other clubs and railroads. I will try and update it on a regular basis.

The 2 1/2" scale D&RGW C-21 Project

May 29, 2011

The D&RGW #50

Work on the rusted out Rudy Van Wingen #50 picked up a lot of pace this month. For those members of JT&S that remembered the rusted hunk of metal on the flat car about a year and a half ago at the fall meet that was sold to me as a project, well this is what its turned into so far. Every part had some degree of rust on it with some of the parts submerged in water in an old battery box for years. It looked very discouraging but I was determined to bring this old engine back to life. Pretty much all of the parts were there except for the castings, they just needed a lot of clean-up and new parts machined. The rear wheels were un-machined and the axle cut in half so that was on the list. Rudy had built this engine to the prints so with the help of Ken Burns( thanks for the original prints) I have been trying to get this engine close to original as possible. On the lead wheel suspension there is a equalizer that goes across the frame to give the lead wheel more equalization. Thanks to the prints I made up the proper brackets and welded them in place and it works great. You can kinda see it in the first picture. Also had to key the axles for the counter weights and finish the side rods.
Next up on the list is mount the 24v motor and start assembling the body. I also have to order the rest of the castings for the coupler housing and the body. Hopefully I will get it done for the fall meet coming up at Joshua Tree in November. It leaves JT&S a rusted hunk of metal and comes back looking like new. I want to thank the the Ratliffs and JT&S for the sale of the engine to me and Ken Burns for giving me a set of drawings for it. Until the next posting...

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