Welcome to my Web Blog.

This is to keep all my friends updated on what's going on with the FC&W and my other railroad adventures. The name Flagstaff, Coconino and Western came from Flagstaff, where I live, Coconino is the county, and Western is where I go to visit other clubs and railroads. I will try and update it on a regular basis.

The 2 1/2" scale D&RGW C-21 Project

June 20, 2011

Evening 1 inch Run,Diesel update, and power reverse

FC&W 51 Project

The diesel/electric project is still coming along nicely. The motor and controller has been permanently installed and the body was set in place to see how everything is gonna fit up. I even had room in the cab to mount the 24v charger as well. The door hinges for the hood are arriving today and the body rivets will be here next week. Still need to order the rest of the casting, i.e. the Radiator, Steps, and Coupler casting from RMI Rail works. I normally don't build diesels but I need one for my work trains and in case someone stops by for a quick ride and I don't want to fire up.

Evening June Steam Up
Decided to fire up for an evening run and give the boys a ride around the loop. The weather was great and the 1 inch coal fired 0-4-0 ran well. John Barter loaned me his 2 1" gons to run with so I had a little longer train. Its still kinda weird going from 2 1/2" scale that you sit in, to 1" scale that you sit on top of. A long as its powered by steam, I'm gonna have fun with it.

The Western Pacific 0-6-0 #165 power reverse

The power reverse is done and works great. Loading it up in the truck next month to take it back to Portola and reunite it with the 165.

June 7, 2011

First run of the FC&W #51(D&RGW #50)

Well it took some time but I figured out the wiring system and got the electric to run today. Its a 24V system that came out of a walk behind forklift that I found in an old junkyard. The guy let me have it for free so I got a great deal on it. I took a guess on the gear reduction for the motor and it came out a little fast, lets just say it will scare you if you open it up. It has lots of torque and I can't wait to put some cars behind it to see what it will pull. Next up is permanently mounting the motor and start putting together the body. The deadline to have it ready to go for the fall meet at Joshua Tree is looking good.