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This is to keep all my friends updated on what's going on with the FC&W and my other railroad adventures. The name Flagstaff, Coconino and Western came from Flagstaff, where I live, Coconino is the county, and Western is where I go to visit other clubs and railroads. I will try and update it on a regular basis.

The 2 1/2" scale D&RGW C-21 Project

December 8, 2011

December Update

Well I know its been a while since I last updated the progress, so here it goes. The diesel #51 didn't get finished in time for the Joshua Tree because of work and illness. I took the following pictures the day before I left for the meet. Its getting close and can't wait to get it done and out of the garage.

The right side with the body just sitting in place and the compressor cover still in raw steel.

The left side with one of the cab windows installed. I can't permanently rivet the cab together until I get all the window sliders mounted and riveted in place. Still need to fabricate all the railings, cut levers, and side steps.

The progress on the C-21 is coming along. We found out that there was a mistake on the frames when they were cut out. The rear set of drivers are 1/8" closer to each other than the front set. That makes the rear set wheels miss each other by a hair. I think it will be o.k. but I will see once I get it on the track.

The Side rods and main rods arrived a couple of weeks ago with all the hardware. The have A LOT of cleanup in order to be mounted to the engine which I am not really happy with but it will have to be done.

My new addition to my railroad, Missouri Illinois #31. It is a really nice scratch built 1" scale Pacific and is coming with a full train. I will be taking the trip to pick it up after the first of the year and can't wait to get it under steam again and add it to the roster.